Links below give a more detailed description of specific courses.

Dr. McKimmy teaches the following courses at Broome Community College:

PHI 104: Philosophy of Religion. Spring semester Traditional and contemporary issues: existence of God, theodicy, religious experience, theories of afterlife. Both Western and Asian philosophies explored.

PHI 105: World Religions. Fall Semester Explores the basic tenants of Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Native American religions. These are explored conceptually with the aid of guest speakers from most of these traditions.

PHI 201: Moral Philosophy. Fall and Spring semesters Examines moral theory and forms of moral reasoning from Western and Asian perspectives. Current ethical issues and situations are used to understand different moral theories.

Classes can be taken for credit or audited.

The following courses have been taught in the past:

PHI 102: General Philosophy

PHI 105 World Religion

PHI 201: Ethics (now Moral Philosophy)

PHI 480: Philosophy of Mind

Continuing Education Courses:

CE: Shapes of Peace

CE: Buddhism Basics

CE: Philosophy of Happiness

CE: The Gita

CE: American Spirituality

CE: Should I Forgive

CE: Finding Peace


Broome Community College is located in Central New York State near Binghamton and part of the SUNY system.