Types of Treatment Available:

Individual Psychotherapy

Most of my practice is individual psychodynamic, psychoanalytic therapy. Those terms mean that basically I am concerned with doing work below the level of symptoms. I look for underlying, unconscious sources for problems we can identify consciously but seem unable to change. Rather than focusing on strictly a rational analysis and solution, we attempt to identify causes and work through obstacles to change.

Often psychotherapy has been seen as hostile to religious and spiritual commitments. I understand the spiritual experience of an individual as being of extreme importance in the therapeutic process and the pursuit of a fulfilling life. In the same way that therapy has properly considered the emotional, physical, relational and mental aspects of life, I see the spiritual being of equal importance as well.

Sometimes this type of therapy is called insight oriented and character reformative therapy because it seeks to move beyond symptom relief to changing or modifying aspects of the personality. Often people choose this type of therapy because of a particular problem they are unable to change on their own or in other therapeutic contexts, or because of a desire for greater self- exploration and personal understanding and fulfillment.

Relationship Therapy

Here also, I work with a psychodynamic framework. The goal of this therapy is for a couple to understand individual dynamics that contribute to the positive and negative condition of their relationship. This shared knowledge allows for new patterns of relating to emerge.

The experience of the past is often carried into the present "revealing" a fault in another person. It is also a  mistake to focus solely on the negative aspects of a relationship. However, through greater self awareness, and understanding of the other person, relationships often can heal and grow. This approach fosters an awareness and appreciation of the positive strengths of a relationship that can cause growth and intimacy.

There are times a relationship cannot continue, this approach enables that conclusion to be reached with clarity and in an environment that allows discussion and resolution.